This Is Your Defining Moment

What If I Could Show You... How to Build the Business OF Your Dreams

Take control
Have you felt stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Trying to learn tech and figure things out on your own? "WHAT IF" There was a better way... To create rich content without wasting a ton of time & money??? 

Like many of you probably feel… I worked in jobs that left me stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed, trying to make ends meet. Running endless circles on the hamster wheel of life. It doesn't have to be like that.

I know You Have BIG Plans for the future! 
If you sign up for the Business Masterclass Bootcamp. You'll no longer have to hire others to do it for you or wait till the time is right. I give you my expertise, resources & tools inside the online masterclass so you can get back to doing more important things. Successfully launch your program in a few weeks instead of taking months or years to complete.   

Create content 
Design freebies 

Get Focused
Get More Sales
DOUBLE Your Revenue
Work Less + Make More
Stop Being Overwhelmed
Go To Side Hustle 2 Full-Time Entrepreneur
Build A Business You LOVE 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
" HSM Business Masterclass created great energy and focus on what is most important and reset my business. Thanks a million! "
FOUNDER OF Härken, Vision Park,  & DATINGSAFE
" Dar-Lynn shares how her understanding of gratitude completely changed and how, in turn, her view of herself dramatically improved. "

This 7 Module & 48 Lessons Course Includes... 

Module 1       Designrr - How to create flipbooks, ebooks, creating a 3D book cover & more
Module 2       Canva - How to customize your templates, create branding, & free stock photos resources
Module 3       Course Creation - Create your own course & 3 things you can do to launch your biz in 30 days!
Module 4       Website Building -  Website building & branding your business.
Module 5       Clickfunnels - How to build a sales funnel
Module 6       Tailwind - How to schedule posts and learn automation
Module 7       Bonuses - Bonus Lessons, Hacks, Tools, & Resources 

What If I Could Show you... How To Build The Business Of Your Dreams

Ever wish that you could have focus, direction, and clarity so you can spend your time
business-building rather than spinning your wheels???    
Meet Tracy Peart,

 Out of my struggle losing my spouse in 2011, our home, being a single widowed mom of four juggling family & work and learning from failures & setbacks and what not to do. Becoming an entrepreneur running several businesses came an idea to streamline. I teach you a "DIY online tutorial. 

The struggle is REAL!!!! Don't give up on your dreams. If you're struggling to bring in a steady income and want to work from home, attract your dream customer. I give you tools, resources, and hacks.  No longer waste time, money, and feeling frustrated or stressed out. Feeling like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere. I'll show you how in this DIY Masterclass how to create valuable content, branding, and marketing strategies for your business no matter what stage you are in. I'll walk you through step-by-step. So you can create the life you love!  If I did it, you can too! Let me show you. 


This is your defining moment
only $237 change your life! 
 I have massively discounted my program during Covid-19 to help business owners. Many people I know personally have lost their jobs, incomes, have been laid off. Many feel un-filled in their current jobs or want a better life for themselves or their families but need help getting started.  If you don't know where to turn and need someone who can really show them the ropes. Then I'm your girl! ;)

Normally, my clients pay $497.00, but I want to leave you with NO EXCUSES to not make 
this powerful SHIFT in your Life & SHIFT in your Business. You Can Get started for $37 and If you decide to cancel within 14 days you'll pay nothing! If you don't cancel then you'll be billed the reminder $200 and your complete total for the course and materials will be $237 which is a bargain!
Get started for $37
I'm offering this discount on my online DIY ONLINE BUSINESS Bootcamp course.
If you purchase now, you can get my entire Shift Business Program for only $237.00!
If you're not 100% satisfied with our program after trying it out for 
14-Days and you don't love it. I'll give you a full refund no questions asked. You heard that right. 

 You get 14 days to try everything out for FREE. Ready to stop wasting your time and energy, figuring it ALL out on your own? From my struggle and experience, these courses were born if you're saying YES! And you want more. 

Jump in now, and I'll see you inside. This course is valued at over $497 - NOW $ 237.00

I share my blueprint to get your course created, launched & filled. start mapping out & creating your stunning, profitable online course, create stunning ebooks, websites and more... 
Plus, I'll throw in FREE of charge >>>

a $37 value included at no additional cost! Sign up now for this transformational experience! 

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